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Monday, September 3, 2012

Makeup by Putri Rex | Photo Shoot

Salam lovelies,

I've some pictures of my recent makeup job! Well, actually this was a while ago. I did a makeup for Alia Bastamam, Talented Designer yet so very down to earth (I'm glad) Keep that up Alia! Alia mmg born designer-lah not a model, AT ALL! She admitted that too!
Pictures from the official photographer, thanks a bunch!

Alia Bastama being interviewed by my bestfriend Liyana Dalila (LD) from Nona Luxe!

A bit of Alia for all of you out there! SHRMZB :)

Radiant Persona,
Putri Rex
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Kazrina said...

Good job Put!!

Putri Rex said...

Awwwh! Thanks Nana :)