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Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Best Father & Son Pair Award.

Hey September! You're finally here! As much as I really really adore July because it's my birthday and our anniversary, September has a  special place in my heart, always! 

It's my darling husband's birthday !

 I love birthdays. I love celebrations! I love presents. I love surprises! Who doesn't. But surprisingly, my husband don't! How lah? So sebab tu no birthday celebration ke presents ke for me.. Unfair kan. Oh well, tak pe la, nasib dia suka buat benda2 tu bukan time yg I expect such I balik kerja ke, I tgh at my lowest point ke or even bangun tidur terus ada agenda best! Kan Putri kan? Bersyukur lah jgn nak complaint je #selfreminder :p 
Hehe okay! I love you just the way you are. 

So since you are turning 28 this coming 27th, birthday shout out to my best soul mate/ my super silly yet annoying dance partner :p/  a super coolest father of my son:  
 Long live Fadhil! I wish you more joy and happiness in your life/ career/ family/ fatherhood/ your new hobby and addiction which is your bike. blegh! :) hehe. I love you the bones! Ingat tau! We love you and you're simply the coolest person in and outside. 
I wish you'll always be my personal Imam till Jannah, insyaAllah. Amin 

In conjuction with your birthday, sayang :) 
I'm very honoured to personally announce the award for best Father & Son pair goes to ....
You and AlFarrel Ridzuan, ofcourse!  (i'm a bit bias kan? but tak pela they're mine) hehe

January 2012, AlFarrel was +/- 9 months old. 
Video by the talented Nasri Lian from point8cam

Just recently, August 2012. AlFarrel was 1 year 4 months (16months)
Video by Alphabet Picture 

A big big thank you shout out for these 2 guys! You guys rock our world! 

Happy birthday Sayang! I know, you know, I won't bring you to a fancy dinner. Cuz I know as long as AlFarrel & I are close to you that's just enough for you kan (like you always said!) Ye ke? Ke budget statement suami misthali? LOL

See you on the next post of his actual birthday celebration. Still puzzled though :)

Putri Rex

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