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Thursday, August 23, 2012

About my husband, Fadhil ...

Hi again!

My husband has this one behavior which he hates going to barber getting a hair cut. He'd rather had a hair cut by himself or desperately seek for me to give a hand. He just had this feeling that barber is so waste of money ..' according to him-lah!' . Same goes to car wash! Dia mesti basuh kereta sendiri, bila datang rajin dia tengah2 malam pon dia akan basuh! 

So, speaking about a hair cut, Last month or two, I suggested my husband for a look like this one guy I saw from Pinterest

Cute habis kan! That guy has a same jaw line just like fadhil's so I think it might suit him.  So I tagged him on FB

So few days before Raya, he surprised me with that look! I was so so happy! Yayy! Best giler feeling bila dia appreciate my opinion. ( Where sometimes, we had a crush when it comes to fashion sense/ style/ home décor/etc)  

Tips: Never had a hair cut a day before actual event/ function. Give at least 5 days before. 

So when fadhil come to me and said .. ' Tadaaaa! Sayang! Like my new look? I saje potong awal sbb you ckp jangan poto sehari sebelum event/function nnt nampak mcm budak start sekolah ..' 

And I was like.. ' awwww! sukanya, rambut raya lah-tuw! :)' Marah dia bila I kata rambut raya, which I know it is :) It always feels good when your husband look up to your style and listen your tips and tricks.  Because :husband kan selalu pretend macho lah konon tak nak dengar cakap bini padahal considering and kalau betul pon still tak nak admit! Cehh! Haha.

Nice one sayang! Thank you :)

So do ya guys had a special things you had just for raya ? Like me, I had a contact lens for Raya! LOL! Mmg kemain raya!! Okay lah! this is #justforfun! 

Selamat Hari Raya

Putri Rex

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