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Wednesday, July 11, 2012

2 Years Anniversary Treat @ Nada Lama Spa & Bar

Salam & Ahoy Everyone! I hope all of you are in a fresh mood today! ..Syukur Alhamdulillah It has been 2 years of marriage with you, and a 15 months old son. Syukar Jazilan! What more should I ask? A bigger diamond ring? Noo :) LOL #justkidding

Okay, so yesterday on the 10th of July,2012 I brought my Husband, Fadhil for a little anniversary treat. Oh well, it was actually recommended by my friend, though :) And I absolutely loved the idea! So.. I told Fadhil that I will bring him to this one place for an anniversary treat! (Mmg puzzled kepala dia pikir, where will it be, issit a lunch treat ke/ a shopping treat ke/ a 5 stars buffet treat ke/ etc) The one that I planned mmg beyonddd his expectation! 

Okay, I'll let the pictures do the story k!? .. 

#1 : Fadhil was driving from home to one point ( Shah Alam to Rasta, TTDI) 

#2 Pull over @ Rasta, And I was the Pilot! Fadhil was blindfolded >< 

#3 After like only less than 10 mins driving from Rasta.., we're HERE!! 
You guys can guess?..

#4: Puzzled Mind, Fadhil
..,' Sayang kat mana kita ni, tadi mcm kat Bandar? Makan kat sini ke?'

#5: At the so called Lobby.. Fadhil's thought was we're just gonna have  Lunch here, but he was very surprised knowing that I made a massage appoitment ;))))))

#6 : Off to the Private Massage Suite :) 

#7 Tadaaaa! The Suite & The View! Yes!! We're still in KL okay!! :)

#8: Us after the 1 hours & half minutes massage :) All fresh and so rejuvenating!! 

  #9: On our way back to the lobby, we're like stunned by the view! Siapa-lah punya rumah kat sini mmg best!!! Kerja KL, balik penat-penat mmg nature habis! :) 

Hiii! Hope all of you still with me :) hihi
#10: We decided to just do the late lunch at the place :) While waiting for the food we took pictures :)) 

#11: Konon cover picture, I told fadhil gv me the best look/side you can give.. :)
*still waiting for the food :)

#12: It's all about me and what I love to do :) 

#13: The food's hereee ;) 
Fadhil had Nasi Putih with Ayam Pandan
Putri had Pita Burger
and Mango Yoghurt Cheesecake
Advise: If you come to Nada Lama purposely for dining, I would not recommended. 
 But overall the food  3.2/ 5
Don't worry it doesnt spoitled the Late Lunch Date Anniversary treat at all because we were very stunned by the view :))

#14 Happy 2 years Wedding Anniversary Sayang! I'm very happy to see your puzzled / surprised faces, knowing that you loved every single plan I did! :) I wish us more years of Joyful & Barakah InsyaAllah! I love you till Jannah! 

Assalamualaikum ..

Hugs & Kisses, 
Putri Rex 


Tuty Sugargosh said...

Macam best je! Happy Anniversary you two! <3<3

Putri Rex said...

best!!! thanks babe!

Mrs.K said...

Happy anniversary putri and fadhil!!!