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Friday, July 6, 2012

Aishah Amin's Wedding!

Salam everyone!

I bet all of you must be very happy cuz it's Friday today!! Who doesn't kan? Well. Lemme ask you this, have you ever attended a wedding on Thursday Night? Pretty rare kan? But yes, I was invited to my friend, Aishah Amin whom I just known like not even a year.. Before I met her face 2 face, I always read here blog with her hijjab diary thingys! Okay back to her wedding story! (I always terpesong ke cerita lain kan!) Aisha got married with her darling husband (ijab & qabut) Thrusday 5/7/12 morning and her reception was on the same day at night! 

Omg! Aishah was ZE GORG Bride ever!! I tak tipu, I can't stop staring at her!! Stunning!!  MasyaAllah... Even my husband admits it :) Aishah & Husband, I wish you many many years of happiness and joy! InsyaAllah. 

 Someone's balloon bothers his attention! Kept saying ..'bawoon, bawoon!' 

 Puan Aishah Amin .. Cun giler!

Mommy, wifey and sonny!

 I macam tak ready, pegang handbag pon tak betul :)
Lawanyaaa Aishah! I pon macam ikut theme malam tu .. 

Muka budget fierce tak jadi! Haha

Lastly, ZE boys! NOT just ZE boys, they're MA BOYS! 
*say it with attitude!

Fadhil was wearing:
Gap Shirt & Jeans
and Vans Shoe

while Al-Farrel's
Quicksilver Sweatshirt 
Guess Jeans
Shoe- I hardly remember where. 

 Alhamdulillah. Satu lagi Masjid dibina! Again, Tahniah Aishah & Shafiq!

With love,
Putri Rex


Sumayyah Nadhirah said...

dkt dewan melati putrajaya erk? kalau ptt la smlm ramai org area tu...

Eka Jamaludin said...

cantik sangat Puab aishah, tudung labuh, less makeup and simple. tahniah. sis putri pun cun, hot mama :)

Putri Rex said...

Maya :) Yes dear!

Eka Jamalidin: Cantikkan Aishah masyaAllah.. Thank you Sweetheart!