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Monday, July 16, 2012

A silly 'you always make me wanna' poem!

You always make me smile and laugh,
You always make me yell and scream,
You always make me want to leant cook and bake,
You always make me want to improve my language and vocabulary,
You always woke me up and cry,
You make me wake up and smile,
You always make me think twice,
You make my make-up all glowing :)
You always pull my scarf but I still look gorgeous because I carry you hall full and people adores you till they forget I look horrible with my upside down scarf! 
You always mess my dress because you're a sloppy kid. 
You always make that silly wiggle dance,
You always raise your hand when I asked you to,
You always bite me and my tits! 
You always make me feel uneasy when I'm at office especially 4pm,
You always ..Always!
You make me feel so confidence with the red jungle lipstick
This is all because you make me feel like a woman!
You make me feel so complete!

You are 15 months yesterday and I'm turning 26 next week! InsyaAllah

Bonda loves you!

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