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Monday, June 25, 2012


Alfarrel, 1 year and 2 months, my son, the love of our life! Just discharged from Hospital Serdang for 5 days due to Lung Infection. he is now free from the infection and we hope forever! However there will be a follow up this coming Thrusday 28/06/12. I'll post the story of his first ward experience & also his 14 months developments, insyaAllah.

For now, this is him. Our Son
Looking like one of the brother from the 3 Ninja Kids, kan?

Oh yes! Thank you Sun! We really miss you!

It's been a challenging week for us! 

Sesungguhnya besarnya pahala itu bergantung pada besarnya ujian, sesungguhnya Allah itu apabila dia mengasihi sesuatu kaum dia menguji mereka dengan kesusahan. Sesiapa yang reda dengan kesusahan itu akan mendapat keredaan Allah dan siapa yang tidak reda maka dia akan menerima kemurkaan Allah. - Riwayat Tirmizi

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