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Monday, June 25, 2012

Alfarrel 1st Ward Experience

It's been a challenging week for us. First it was your body temperature, then rashes all over your body. Follow by major cough and flu. Then you lose your voice and weight of course! and then your temperature when to normal. Still coughing & Flu. The next day you got fever again!  How bonda & Ayah wish we could take those pain but then again, we know our boy is a SUPERBOY insyaAllah & Alhamdulillah with barakah duas from us & all. 

Hi everyone, mothers/ mom-to-be/ father (if there any guys reading this)/ friends,

I'm Putri Rex. A mother of One Little Sweetheart, Al-Farrel Ridzuan. Special gift from Above! Our son is now 14 months and growing Alhamdulillah. It's part of child development where he got sick. Like Very Sick. That is when he built his antibodies. As a mother, I have to keep positive and always keep my head high also keep praying for my his health. Lemme share with you, what hit us last week. Al-Farrel's got sick -part of our parenthood challenge. As a parents, husband and wife, we became more closer and unite in handling his not only sickness but also part of his developement and for that, I thank Allah for everything.
Things really happened for reasons!

 Drafted: Timeline of his 1st Ward Experience.

The first day he got fever was Wednesday 13/06/12 late at night  and we didn't bring him to the Doctor, just monitor at home give him Paracetamol 120. 

The next day Thrusday 14/06/12, my concerned was the rashes at his hands and legs also Fever 38 brought straight away to Serdang Hospital because hate to see the rashes. Doc asked if he got:
'muntah-muntah/ cirit-birit' -NO '
desire to food' -Yes Okay!
Active - Very! 

So Doc say, no worries the rashes naik due to body temp too high. Can go home but there is still fever in 3 days please come back. So Doc just gave us Paracetamol & Moisturizer Cream. Thanks Doc!

On the 17th of June, no fever alhamdulillah but still minor rashes and bad cough I tell you! Government Hospital don't advice ubat batuk given to baby below 2 years old. Fine!

Surprisingly, on the 19th June, I got home little early from work. Took Alfarrel from his Opah and brought him to chillax minum-minum petang with my girl friend. I was breastfeeding him and suddenly I feel his body was soo heat! There's no way! It's been nearly 1 week! What really happened. I call my dad and asked him to accompany me to the Hospital. Fadhil was working at first I don't wanna make him worry. So we when to DEMC, took the blood test (this time Fadhil was on his way home, he had to urgent signout) .. He was 39.5 fever and the blood test showed that his white blood cel is very high 38 normal only 15. So there was an infection going on some where! Doc advised to warded, I asked for for letter to transfer to Serdang Hospital. - That was 10pm. When home and grabbed clothes and all and shot to Serdang. 
Was at the Emergency Department and got our bed at 20/06/12 @ 1.30 in the morning .
If you asked How was Farrel that time? ! He was very Active and Cheerful! Alhamdulillah. 

So yes, 4 nights at ward. Al-Farrel was on antibiotics straight from his vein. Very painful I can see, but the Doc & Nurses really know how to tackle him! There's one night he has to sleep with oxygen because his heart beat was too fast and his breathing was very fast. There's also one night they have to sucks his flame using this tiny tube! Oh my! I cried!  He has to take Nebulizer every 4 hours, but he hate it very much! He's on too much medication! But Alhamdulillah, he understands :) Alhamdulillah, with all these sickness, one thing I was very grateful - He's not even Cranky yet very Cheerful which I questioned - Kenapa anak sakit ni.. Saja nak bonda dapat Compassionate Leaves so dapat Spend Full time dangan bonda yea? Hehe.. Haa As for that part tu, mmg best lah! I dapat hold and see him growing FULL time! :) Happy nya! Syukur :)

Now let the pictures tell the story! .. Enjoyy :)

Doa bonda agar anak bonda sihat cepat! ;)

 Cheerful Alfarrel! Gerammmm!

Baby Swagger! Alfarrel playtime with Pak Long!

Little sweetheart playing with food on bed! Anakkkkk! ;) 

The sesame street never fail to cheer him up! ;) Thanks friends!

It's fun seeing AlFarrel's progress :) Such a strong kid he is :) I love you baby! Makin hari makin sweetheart :) Setiap pagi atau setaip kali bangun tidur mesti baring bawah ketiak & kiss Bonda & Ayah :) Aduhh cairrr tau! I'm at work now. Feels like going home now, unfortunately ada meeting petang ni!!! Lastly, ..
 You really do Alfarrel???? Hahahaha InsyaAllah one day okay :) Bonda and Ayah will make one for you to play with ;))) Hehe.. we love you Al! Oh you don't know how much we care for you baby! Assalamualaikum

Hugs n kisses.


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