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Monday, June 18, 2012

Rizal Tisin & Maza's Wedding

It seems like best photography is the perfect marketing for my makeup project. 
With the new social media so called - Instagram, Pinterest & etc, now what? I've to hire a pro photographer? Noo! Just a creative mind and effort, Putri.. Bila sibuk dengan my giantic makeup traincase and then one more bag for my extra makeup tools, I couldn't effort to carry my Lumix GF2! Padahal, I never let it go by my side. Tapi bila dah buat makeup sepenuh jiwa, camera tah kemana & make up tools yg lekat dengan I :) 
Bila dah start make up tu regret la sbb tak mampu nak bawa camera I. Luckily good collaboration dengan abg photographer :) (Penting ok, make up artist dengan abg photographer!) hahaahaa.. 
So here are some pictures from Ministry of Moment (Thanks to them for allowing me to share this pictures) 

Gempakkan moment ni! This is perhaps the best of the best from MOM!

Maza & Rizal Tisin's Solemnization & Outdoor Shoot!
Photographer: Ministry of Moment
Makeup Artist: Putri Rex
Location: Sekinchan, Kuala Selangor

A little bit of me the MUA ;)

Rizal Tisin & Maza's Reception
Photographer: Ministry of Moment
Makeup Artist: Putri Rex
Location: Klang, Selangor

Now I remember I've snapped some pictures from my tabby! More details on the make up touch.

The makeup GEEK,
Putri Rex


Sumayyah Nadhirah said...

Salam kak...sy nk tnye kaalau mekap tunang 24/11 akak free x?

email maya di:

tq =)

Lyss Iman said...

My oh My! I can't believe it's you and your blog. I watched a video of yours fixing your turban in the bathroom with your lil man not too long ago, and I saw your blog as listed from http://ezrinamoi.blogspot.com/

heee! see you around. you're hilarious!

Much Love,
Lyss Iman xx

Putri Rex said...

Sumayyah: What a beautiful name u have there,masyaAllah.. Please check your email okayy :) Many thanks!

Lyss Iman: Also unique name, I suka Iman :) Awwhh! Haha mcm mana lah you boleh stumble my youtube video tu! mmg crazy I sampai sekarang malu kalau tgk balik video tu :) It's very nice of you to leave a comment here! Nice to know you :) hehe.. Are you friend of Moi? See you sometimes! Loves,
Putri Rex

Ria said...

Salam putri..i'm Ria..jumpe blog you from efira..love ur mekap..agak2 berape u charge for engagement ye..do email me at reeya2312@yahoo.com..i ask on behalf of my officemate..i suruh die amek dgn u..bile die tgk die pn suke..sbb nmpk natural..kalu i belum kawen for sure amik dgn u..hehe..nice to know you..

Lyss Iman said...

Gaawww bless you! :) I am obsessed with hijab tutorial like that ;) lalalalaa it's a breath of fresh air to not be preaching about how to wear hijab like you made it look like in your video. So very natural! Well, I am a reader of her blog, and yours too!

Heee just found out you do make-up too. Maybe I could let you PAINT my face sometime? :P hehehehe