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Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Sugarscarf Update!


I'll be the official MUA for Sugarscarf, InsyaAllah. 

So the latest update for their new collection was last Monday ( I know I'm a bit late to update here) 
You can always visit the website Sugarscarf or you may come to their shop at Section 7 Shah Alam, near Jakel.

All scarfs are tailor made, and running fast! So get yourself a sugarscarf!

The latest collection Zara Circle Scarf. Pretty isn't it!?
Get it now.. or never!

Picture courtesy; Sugarscarf 

Make up by me. 

Many thanks!
Putri Rex

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Murni Zain said...

Putri, i try to text u the other day but i rasa your contact no silap kot, coz yg reply my text tu lelaki..boleh email me tak murnizain@gmail.com. Thanks :)