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Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Random Roadtrip!

Random Luncheon 

This was Saturday last weekend.
We all were in bed heavenly when I asked Fadhil, 'sayang jom la pegi lunch, I malas nak masak.'

Fadhil was like okay jom lah! You bawa baju lebih tau mana tahu...

I pon okay lah (dlm hati ada la surprise dia tu.yay!)

 Picture of this remind me of those days masa couple time :) Kahkahkah.
Crazy love time
Incase you wonder, where's Al-Farrel..??

 Taiko's sleeping back there! Gangster tak button! Tak sempat! 

 Andddd.... Melaka we're here!
Random! It's 4.00pm when we touched down! 

 Anak manja dah wakie-wakie! :)

A lil bit of me and Al-Farrel
Thanks Ayah for the snap!

Apart that the car needs a wash, I just love this shot! Took plenty of them!


 Think they're new. Nice pakcik lepak depan Hard Rock Shop!
 The luncheon that I'm talking about.
Not really recommended though. But the experience counts :)

 Al-Farrel : Orderrr plsss!


Soul mates!

 Bit of A Famosa with loved ones!

 Now & Forever. (insyaAllah) 
Happy baby! We love youuuu Al-Farrel! 
You know bonda & ayah always do random / spontaneous stuffs 
Now that we have you ( and more coming ; ) we'll continue doing laidis!
InsyaAllah :) 
 A little some some!
 Oh! Lupa kan, My husband sebenarnya on 7 days MC due to torn Ligament! 
So kaki injured still nak bawa anak bini jalan.
But we didn't walk much. So nak rest sikit we chill at Starbucks.
Little Fadhil Jr, tak reti stay still. :) 
We love youuu! 
 Farrel is 1 year and 2 weeks and We are still waiting for his own very first step :)
It's okay baby take your time!
Long way to go!
 The must place to go!
Jonker Street.
I just love the environment. :))

I think that's pretty much it! Al had fun. We went back to Shah Alam at 10.30pm laidat!
Mula-mula nak check in tapi rate weekend so ridiculous since we tak check in since day time. So balik pon tak rugi apa. Dekat je like 1 hours and half :)

Alhamdulillah .... Bonda & Ayah tak habis-habis scream ..'Roadtrip!..'

We can't wait for Terengganu on July insyaAllah.. My mouth watery when thinking of Terengganu's Keropok Lekor! :) The sandy beach! The people! Everythinggg!!

Okay lah- till then,
Putri Rex


Ezrina Moi said...

putri!, hari tu i went to Melaka gak tapi tak sempat nak tunggu malam for Jonker Walk. best nya! really nak makan those gula ice melaka kat tu... i've seen to snap snap with that retro mode. cantik!

Putri Rex said...

You went to Melaka as well?! Kenapa tak jumpa. ada occasion apa you pergi hari tu babe?? Best! I mmg suka JW. hihi jyeah I took using retro mode. and absolutely loving the mode :) thanks to you :))

aishah amin said...

What a cute little family masyaAllah! God bless! xx

Putri Rex said...

Alhamdulillah :) Thanks aishah! Thanks for dropping by :))