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Monday, May 7, 2012

Soft Launch Hijabista Magazine


How was ya Sunday lovely!? Lazy? Chill? Stylo? Sopan? hihi. 

As to those who don't know, there is a new Magazine published from Karangkraf called Hijabista.  Khas buat si fashionista bertudung! Dengan tagline Stylo & Sopan. 1st edision was published on April 15th!

So I went for the Launching of that magazine. And had fun meeting old & new friends. Alhamdulillah. 
Btw it was held yesterday Sunday 6/May at PWTC. 

 Make up by myself. Waiting for Eyqa Sugarscarf! Farrel's sleeping at the back. Nope Al-Farrel tak ikut! I send him to my parents house :) 

The fashion show. 
 The gifts.
Hijabsta Magazine & Shawl by Dian Pelangi :)

 The scarflet sisters! 

The darling sisters!
 Maria, Putri & Shea!

 The sweet and lovely Rina Saleh. She isn't she?

 Aishah busy with her lipstick! 

I admire this young & sweet lecturer Aishah Amin
Seri Pengantin membuak-buak!

 L: Emcee of the event. Irma.
R: The VIP. Datin Norjuma. 
I can't deny their in & out beauty. MasyaAllah..

Putri Rex
What I wore:

Black Pashmina 
Vintage Green Blouse from Rampange 
Black Kain baju Kurung! Hihi
Clutch from H&M
Shoe: 4inch heels I forgot wear I bought! :)
Accessories: Bracelet bangles./ Wedding Rings and Watch

That's pretty much where and how I spend my Sunday yesterday! I had very much Fun and of course thanks to Hijabster Magazine for inviting us! 
Get yourself a copy of Hijabster Magazine!

The picture of me and Eyqa! ;)

ohh.. ohh! Before I forget, after the event I ambil Al-Farrel and had a mother & son bonding time :) I love you Al! Bonda gonna miss you. I'm going to Jenga for 2 days tomorrow (Monday -Tuesday!) We'll spend more Q time okay sweetheart! I love you.

Peluk Cium,
Bonda AlFarrel!


Efira Nazri said...

Hi putri! lamenye i x drop by here. Hee.
Im happy u n farrel had a wonderful weekend. Hope to see u guys soon!

Hana Ibrahim said...

babe! next time nak hekooottt


I just found out bout this magazine last Sunday when I was looking for some magazines to kill waiting time..I'm impressed with thi fashion magazine coz sgt sesuai cor fashionista bertudung like us...