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Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Birthday Bash!

It it is god's will, we will be throwing a first birthday bash for our little man who will turn ONE this coming 15th of April, Sunday! InsyaAllah :)

I received phone calls from my close friends and family also from Farrel's Jeddah in the states.. Semua tanya,' tak buat ke birthday Farrel?! Buat la..'  Aiseyman.. Then, after having quite a debate with Al-Farrel's amazing daddy, we decided to make a simple birthday celebration and gathering for that little sweetheart! InsyaAllah.

I've been planning the party since he was 6months, but that when you were at 10 months, we decided not to do it. I even blog about it. Click here.

These are my dream theme & deco. I just love the idea. But nothing fancy that day. Only love and memory count! 

We are hoping that this little event will have a last memory. Will start making the invitations and all.Will update more and see you guys there! 

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Efira Nazri said...

al-farrel is turning uno! oh myyy!!!!!!!!!!