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Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Congratulations Yaya!

Hello wonderful people!!

Last Sunday, was an engagement of Ezira & Matin! Whom, I know from her twin sister, Efira via blogggg!! (Alhamdulillah!) So wonderful kan? So you I was the MUA! (Alhamdulillah) 
Actually this was my first time meeting this two lovely twin combo! They both are very close and cute sangat together! 

Picture below, guess which one is which?
Left: Ezira (yaya)
Right: Efira (Pp)
 Gosh! Me face look so tried kan! 

Make up and tudung style was by me. 
The moment of truth! Waitttt!! Mana satu ni??!
Pp on the left side, 
Yong (eldest sister) with Lili (Pp's darling daughter) on the other side.

Oh marvelous! This is one of Yaya's girlfriend. She made that baju kurung herself anddd that bunga bunga also okay with chiffon !!! 

 Desserts. Yummy!! Yaya has her own busniness for dessert table.

Mummy & Daughter.
Officially engaged. :)
Wish Farra Rahman's here too!!
Lili dah start unfordable! Mummy I want milk lahh!

I'm very happy to be part of your special day yaya! I wish you all the best and have fun for the wed preps!!! We'll keep in touch!

Putri Rex


Mrs.K said...

MashaAllah..semua pun cantik2 belaka. and cantik nyah you make up Yaya! natural je nampak. i was there..tapi lambat. haih...takpelah we'll meet up at Al's FIRST birthday bash!! weee...can't wait.

Ezrina Moi said...

hy putri! suka !

Efira Nazri said...

farra! yaya memang cantik kene putri's magic wand ! hhehehe

waa, putri !! most of the pic yg u snap semue i mcm blerghh. anyway it is so fn having u around and part of the event. see u this sunday! nak jumpe al farrel pleaseee!

Ezira Nazri said...

thanks a lot tauu,im loving the make up and how u style my tudung,so nice like dat!hee

see u dis sunday!

Putri Rex said...

awwwhh! thanks everyone!!