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Wednesday, February 15, 2012

I have a 10 months baby!

Dear Al-Farrel,

Alhamdulillah, you are 10 months old today and that means 2 more months before you turn UNO! 
Semalam, while you were sleeping, Bonda and Ayah had some talk . We decided NOT to organize a birthday party for your 1st birthday! Like you always know Al-Farrel, since dari kita di USA lagi bonda dah sibuk-sibuk cari costume for your 1st birthday. Get some ideas for the party and all. Ayah you pon dah siap order cake 'skate board' from his office mate. Part order cake tu paling over kan? At least bonda draft je, Ayah dah siap order. Haha.

See. Itulah ragam Ibu bapa.

But like I said earlier, we rationally decided not to throw a birthday party for your 1st Birthday! 

That doesn't mean we don't love you or what nots! Don't you ever think laidat! 
It is because we know that you don't know anything yet ;what's really happening on that day.. Even though, I know there will be lots of people coming  but bonda and ayah decided that on your very 1st Birthday, will be grateful to spend time with  Ayah+Bonda+Al-Farrel. As it will be our 1st year Parenting as well :)  

But things happen, plan might change we don't know hehe. 

Okay speaking of your 10th months old today... I'm very happy and more than grateful .. Alhamdulillah... Syukur! I feel so complete from the first moment I held you in the labor room and isn't time flies very fast now that you're 10 months old? (ok pls jgn menangis putri)

Bonda & Ayahanda love you nevertheless Al-Farrel. You make us proud already. I hope you have a wonderful time growing up raised by us so far, because we're having a precious time raising you,baby!

Below are picture from my camera during his photo shot at The Picture Company, OU. 

I have a video of the making of this shot as well. So cute! I'll upload soon aite? As well as the actual picture from the photographer. Thanks to Ayahejoy!

Muncung tu geram sangat tuuu!!
Can you smell what's Al-Farrel's cooking!!??

Oh happy 10 months parenting to us Sayang! I love you so sexily! Haha! 

Peluk cium
Putri Rex

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