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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

An evening with Ibu Dalala

I had a wonderful Friday last week. Took Emergency Leave because no one can baby sit Al-Farrel. So I'm there for him!

Picture above: We had a fun lunch at Sakae Sushi. I ate like crazy! 

Then, heading for dessert at Starbucks and had some catch ups with me bestie!
Thanks LD for the coffee and dessert :)
Al-Farrel and Ibu Dalala..

Lovely shots! I love these two to bits!
Dessert yang we suppose makan sama-sama, tapi LD yang makan sorang :) LOL!
I'm happy that she's happy now :)
That's all matter..
Bonda kalau cakap mmg macam joyah sikit tau!
Tapi isi dalam setiap content yang bonda cakap memang byk input!

Me bestie and I, after a long delayyy.. Finally we had a great time kan LD? ( I know you're reading this :)
Thanks to the sunlight btw! 

Dear LD,
I know as you learned more in life, along the way you meet a lot of new friends. It's either they like you or they dislike you. Knowing you from then till now... I really really appreciate this friendship and I hope it's forever and we'll keep this for our next generation okay? I love you like you always know.. 

Yours truly,
Putri Rex

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