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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Seeking for a baby sitter

Everyday, I'm thinking of anybody who can baby sit Al-Farrel..
I'm currently seeking for a baby sitter who can cater love/ play and feed Al-Farrel from 
 7am to 5pm Monday- Friday. 
However, sometimes Ayah Al-Farrel off during weekdays so Ayah yang akan baby sit Farrel. 

Sometimes I wonder, why profession like Nanny/ Baby Sitter tak boleh make good money here in Malaysia like in some other country. Mungkin bila kita pikir-pikir kan balik, Household income per family in Malaysia ni tak seberapa sangat so kita nak bayar baby sitter pon tak boleh sangat. So kat situ tersekat la career seorang Nanny di Malaysia. 

So siapa-siapa yang Parents/ In law boleh tolong jaga tu bersyukur lah kerna ada orang yang boleh melayan karenah anak kita.. Dan you tak perlu susah payah pikir siapa nak baby sit anak you! K-lah!

Apa-apa pon I hope ada seorang yang muncul datang boleh babysit kan Al-Farrel. Walaupun sekarang ni banyak kes-kes yang I hate to mentioned. InsyaAllah semua dijauh kan.

Peluk Cium,
Bonda Al-Farrel 


Efira Nazri said...

hi dear. so agree with u. i had this kind of dilema back then, but now im a full time mother. just came across ur blog. im fara rahman new friend.

sometimes, im so happy to stumble with u new mother who had sense of style n still young.

efira nazri

Putri Rex said...

Hey Efira! thanks for stopping by.
Alhamdulillah, the next day when I post my status wanting for a baby sitter on my FaceBook there's someone willing to baby sit my son. More than grateful. She's my friend's mom. Baru lepas pencen. And the best thing is dia jaga my son sorang :)

I'm glad to know that you're Farra Rahman's friend as well. Yeps! Keep on posting your adorable Lili's picture on your blog! She's a sweetheart-lahhhhh!

Putri Rex

Efira Nazri said...

alhamdulillah ! so happy for u n farrel. hopes he's in good hand. afterall yg babysit die experience mom kan. hehe.

aw thanks dear, al-farrel is cute and handsome ! da bole imagine besar muke mcm mane. hee.
oh btw , how much is the photoshoot at picture company? tak tanye2 pun padahal da byk kali pg empire. hee


Putri Rex said...

Thanks Efira, alhamdulillah. Mahal sangat kalau kat picture company tu! Tak sanggup mak! I've a friend assistant manager situ. So everytime kalau good timing kitaorg visit dia kat picture company boleh la dia take picture Al-Farrel. Hihi :)

Efira let's play date!


Efira Nazri said...

Waaa i dah agak mahal. Baik i snap sendiri letak lili dlm periuk or basket. Hehe. Ure so lucky ade friend sane! Cant wait to see farrel's picture. Oh myyyy, lili blushing all over farrel ajak date tauu. Lets! Btw, ive plan nak jumpe farra n thaqif too. So lets triple date then!
Omg, i xpenah beriya nak jumpe blogger tau, infact this is the first! Mummy talk is so powerful. Kikiki. :)
Ure working kan. Just let me knoe the time n venue.

Efira Nazri said...
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Efira Nazri said...
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