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Monday, February 13, 2012

Pepper Lunch Express

Hello. Hello. 

Test. Test. 

You are on my food channel. Today I'm going to bring you to Food Republic, One Utama where my family and I had dinner last Friday. We was looking for a table and that was when I saw this stall and caught my appetite. Looks Yums! 

Pepper Lunch Express is a DIY Fast Food Steak House from Japan.
Why I say it's DIY? Stroll down....

Basically what they do, they heat the iron plate and place the Chicken, Mushroom, Corn and Black Paper. 
The white paper covered as for the protection because it's super sizzle and hot yo!

See, like I said you need to DIY as in kacau kacau.. As the process of making takes only 3minutes to only heat the iron plate...
Pour the terayaki sauce, mix the vege all together.. And you all set!

Teriyaki Pepper Chichen RM 15.50
+ Shitake Mushroon RM 2.00
My dinner = RM 17.50
Enjoyed my dinner with rice and soup! 

My husband and I 
Little rascal and Ayahejoy!
My dessert ready in his pjs! Yumsss :)) Hihi

I truly recommended everyone to try this new way of cuisine :)  I personally will come back and try their Beef Pepper Rice. For more menu click here

If you happened to come and try to this restaurant, share your experience with me, I'd love to hear....

Till then, 
Putri Rex

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