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Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Birthday Party!


So last Saturday we went for my friend's son 7th Birthday Party! Yes! 7 years old little Ilhan! That time we was only 19 and your mom's pregnant! That was back then, and now you're 7! Standard one already! Wooweee Ilhan, you're a big boy!!! Nope, I don't have his picture here as he was very busy playing with his friends. So I captured some pictures with me son and me sista!

Theme: White and Blue.. 

Check out those blue jeans of ours.
Me 16 years old little 'jiwa remaja yg memberontak' sister!
Till then,
Embrace every moment with your baby because you don't know when he'll turn 7 and that time susah nak dapat kiss dari dia!! LOL * that's what she said.. 

Peluk cium,
Putri Rex

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