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Wednesday, February 22, 2012

The Burger Shop, SS15 Subang Jaya

Hello hello.
I'm back. So remember the 1st episode of my food channel was The Pepper Lunch Express @ Food Republic, One U. I finally have the name for this slot.. it is..

Om Nom Nom.. 
Haha I get that idea when I feed Al-Farrel and when I say ..''Ommmm Nom Nom' he'll  get super excited laidat! LOL so at that moment I was thinking,'hey! that will the name for my food slot here in my blog' ..

Say it one more time .... OM NOM NOM...! (dengan kepala kasi geleng-geleng sikit)

So so so, My husband and I, always been a fan of street food. Tak kira anywhere (in/out side Malaysia) tapi kalau sakit perut tanggung sendiri. 
In Malaysia, Street Burger is the best-lah! So hari ni, I nak bawa korang semua check out this place call The Burger Shop @ SS15 Subang Jaya. Brader ni masak burger in a van! Dia park betul-betul sebelah Asia Cafe.  So easier untuk korang cari. 

Open only at night, from 8pm - 4am laidat! 

I had a lamb Cheese Burger and after awhile I ordered Mushroom Beef Burger.. What..!? I know :)))) because I tell you sedap and OM NOM NOM!

The hardwork!

The Menu
While bonda tengah buat food review (padahal melantak aja) Pak Ngah Dawn la tolong melayan Al-Farrel :)

I love Biskut Tiger! Om Nom Nom!

Hi All! So how do you like my Bonda's OM NOM NOM for this episode?
I tell you, she eats alot these days...!
And she pandai cover line, that's why she has this food channel :p
Hope you guys stay tuned..
Love, Al Farrel!

Again, while I had my second burger, Ayah Ejoy layan Al-Farrel :)
Oh no please la I malas nak jalan lagi.. Can you ask bonda to stop eating and feed me now, Ayah Ejoy!? 

Till then!
Putri Rex


Mrs.K said...

we love this burger shop also!!! dulu selalu jugak makan kat sini. tapi sekarang dah susah. kene tapau je. t-fawa suka lah baju fawel! cute sgt!

Putri Rex said...

thanks T-fawa! i dulu tak suka sangat makan kat sini sbb ingatkan lambat service dia.. but surprisingly tak lambat langsung!! and power burger dia fara kan!?