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Wednesday, March 14, 2012

My long-friday-break!

Okay cerita ni was last week!
To be exact, was last friday when I had my long-friday-break.

See the conversation between Farra & I via Facebook as below:

So I rush down Putrajaya- Bandar Nusaputra, Puchong (15mins from my office), purposely to meet this one handsome young baby, Rizq Thaqif. The last time I met him was what, December? I hardly remember. 

I've known the mother Farra Rahman, a very sweet woman back in 2009 I guess. She was my loyal customer, we became friend, she got married first & a year after, I got married. We got pregnant sama-sama tapi lain husband haaa.. Haha And now motherhood makes us even closer.
 Kan Farra Kan?

And The son, Thaqif is like my son too! Ya Rabbi, Thaqif ni mmg speed kid I can say. Tangkas dan laju! He is very hard to approach (when I say very hard trust me) but if you ask how I dowwit:)
 Thaqif cair-lah dengan I ;D
Kan Thaqif kan?
You likes bonda kan? 
You're unique your own way baby Thaqif! 

Thaqif just turned 10 months yesterday. happy 10 thaqif! We alll love you nevertheless! 
Kalau lah Farrel ada mesti lagi best kan Qif? Nanti I bawa you jumpa dia k?

Thanks Farra, Thaqif & Fuzy for having me. I felt so much love! We shall meet again okay. Oh and we supposedly had a family day out the next day, but something  uncool happened. So re-schedule! (If you heard me this Farra & Efira) 

Okay, till then.
Putri Rex

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