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Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Makeup course with Aleng Tohara

Hello people of the universe. (I make it colorful resemblance of my happiness!)

So something epic happened to me last Sunday. What I say epic, trust me!
If you are my friend or known me or been my following my blog, you'll definitely know that I'm a makeup freak. 
I can watch makeup tutorial on YouTube the whole day 
Even if I watch shows on TV, what attracts me are their makeups. 
Example, Keeping Up With The Kadarshian. Say, you guys pon sama kan apart from their drama yang kita dok ckp dorang ni faker la, tapi kita still tengok jugakkan. It's because their appearance that they carry yang buat kita suka tengok :) (Aiceh! Ini kalau Fadhil baca ni habis aku! )
Anyways, I don't wanna talk about them! It's all about me and what I love to do!

Back to that something epic happened to me last Sunday. :)
I went for a short makeup course with The Greatest Aleng Tohara
I was very lucky. Cuma 2 orang sahaja yang belajar. So I tanya sebanyak yang mungkin and Aleng betul-betul ada next to me when I needed him!
So let's show time! Enjoy those photos below as they are all raw picture, non edited! 

My friend/ my model meet Tuty Elyanie 
(Before the makeover)

In the making...

After what Aleng taught, The Techniques & tips. The do's and don'ts/ maybes.
My touch :)

Tuty is getting married this September, and she so we had some catch ups about what she's been up too! :)

Aleng's model, Sarah Rahman.

Hairdo. Part yang paling I takut and kena byk practice and practice!..

Some of my toys. Still incomplete. 
Slowly Putri slowly :)

Playing with some of Aleng's shoes collection!!!!!
Girls gotta do what girls gotta do!

Damn gerl!

Some of the 'toys' that I used :)
NARS/ Urban Decay/ MAC/ NYX 
Personal collection.

Tadaaaaa!!. Ya like it?
I loved it! :)
Tell me whutcha think?

Aleng and us. Thanks guru!

I really had a great time. I really did! The enthusiastic and thrill feeling to start doing this and all i can think is makeup makeup and makeup now :) 

InsyaAllah. If this is what I meant to do :)

Thanks everyone. 
Putri Rex

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Mrs.K said...

bananarrific!!! :) love it put! AND I LOVE YOUR TOYS! sume tu my favourite. tapi nak beli selalu tak mampu. y we're not living in AMERIKA? y?