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Thursday, March 15, 2012

Cousins day out and a sleepover too!

Hello hello hello! 
Life is so colorful with fun people in it, right Al-Farrel?
We're taking or niece out with us. It was very last minutes plan as Khaira's mother has to fly.  
Mmg purposely on that weekend we wanted to bring Al-Farrel jalan-jalan and promised Farra & Thaqif to meet somewhere. Tapi tak jadi! Sad;/
 To cut long story short. Tengok la gambar-gambar during the Cousins Day Out and a Sleepover with Farrel & Khaira :)

Everyone buckle up! We're going out and aboutt...!

Baca doa naik kenderaan dulu Al-Farrel:
O-Allah please let us a save journey.

The parents in charge! 

Farrel -10 months and 20days 
4 teeth going on 5/ Can't walk yet/ Stands by his own/ Baby talks and responds well/ 
Loves to put everything in his mouth except a binky! Smiles and laughs are his middle name.

When I say.. Shiapa nama.. Al-Farrel Ridzuan.. Raise your hand..
Al-Farrel: Raised!

We love this place. I don't know. I think we just look to hang out at a grocer. Kalau pegi Tesco pon mesti kita org lama gila belek-belek barang. 
Oh tips kalau beli barang Tecso especialy the cookies/ candies. Make sure ada sticker make in UK on the packages. Guarantee best! 

Fadhil go gaga in there! 

Cheekily cheeky Little Al Farrel and Ayah you tak payah nak serious sangat lah :) 
During that day, we sorta delegate work. Fadhil dukung Farrel and I jaga Khaira. 
Yang bestnya Farrel tak jealous at all/ Relax je :) Tu yang I lagi geram tu!
 But after awhile I cakap kat Fadhil can we switch I nak dukung Farrel kejap. And lepas tu Farrel hugg I tight! Rindu agaknyaaa :)) Awwh and that moment, I feel like. Okay tak pe la. Tak puas main dengan dia lagi. Ada baby lagi bila Farrel dah besar sikit lah :) Tapi kalau ada kami terima happily. Kan Farrel kan?
Farrel dulu dari awak kenit kita org yang kena support belakang you kalau nak kena dokong. Now you yang support belakang bonda kan? Hihi I love you baby! 

Because I know I'll be handing 2 kids, so I keep it simple with just an eye liner and a gloss.

As for Publika, we nailed it! Love you partner!
Now let's Ikea baby!
Because Ikea so crowded (like you don't know) so we had a early dinner at Nandos. i don't favor Nandos btw.

Errr Ayah? Are you okay? ..Or u surrender? 

Quality time. 

Then, Uncle Danial Mescudi came. Purposely to meet you Al! Alololo.. Shosweet kan!

After that, head to the changing room and changed them in to their PJs. It was 9pm I guess. Haha and the kids saying byebye world! 

They slept all the way home, and Fadhil & I sempat singgah Burger at SS 15 Subang for our supper! Weehoo! I love that Day from morning till night!

Tapi kalau jumpa Thaqif lagi best! Kan Thaqif kan? Tapi unfortunately I forgot to bring my phone. Dayyuum!

The next morning the woke up late at 9. Bonda sempat be in the kitchen and klingklongklingklong (bunyi periuk/senduk/ lesum and all lah)

I cooked Nasi Ayam :)
I cooked two type in fact.
1. Nasi Ayam Grown Ups - For Bonda & Ayah
2. Nasi Ayam Toddler - For Al-Farrel
Sorry Khaira, you're only 3 months kalau tak Pincess dah buat Nasi Ayam Puree for you baby :) Hehe

Senang je! Tapi the Vege lame sikit. I guna Carrot for Nasi Ayam? haha sbb it was impromptu. I pinjam sayur Al-Farrel for Nasi Ayam Grown ups 


The sloppy kiddo! He loved the Nasi Ayam very much! Yayyy! I'mma proud bonda!
Thank you Bonda!

Picture of Ayahanda and Acik. Khaira calls Fadhil Acik btw.
Resemblance of how happy they were :))
Great Weekend Indeed!

God is great. Alhamdulillah! 

Peluk Cium,
Bonda/ Pincess!

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