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Tuesday, March 20, 2012


 I know that there will be a practical make up sesh where I have to apply all the technique that Aleng been teaching us on our own model during my short makeup course last Sunday

So before the make up course, I kinda google image and look through on what I want my model to look like. Amateur like me, I need to get some ideas and reference like this :) And for your info, hari-hari I google image benda ni aja :) I wish I have all those pen ke crayon ke nak kaler kaler mata tu! haha.. 

My plan was to put make like a chill glam look! Haha I name it myself :) So I  want gold color on the eye lid area and purple on the crease area. And blenddd itt!  It's all about blendingg baby!

My version! 
You deserve a pad on your back, Putri! :)

I'm using:
Kryolan, Mac, Urban Decay, NARS, NYX brand for this look. It's very simple and I know everyone can do it! It's all up to you :) 

P E S O N A by Putri Rex

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Hana Ibrahim said...

alaa!!! bestnyaa!!! ajar i plak pasni