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Thursday, February 17, 2011


Well hello everyone! I've been away for quite a long time, really sorry y'all. Bad blogger, Putri! LOL.

Anyway, there's a lot of things happened while I was away. I managed to organized a surprise party for my best friend's birthday. Although, it was a week earlier to her actual birthday (which she had no clue about it at all), we totally had so much fun! I planned it when I was listing down,'Things I want to do in 2011' in my new organizer :) last december 2010 hehe and yeas! mission accomplished! We hope she liked what we planned although there's only a few people involved.

 Happy quarter decade Auntie Ayan!

Jehan and 28 weeks old baby bump.

Im really enjoying my pregnancy so much, I'm not working and free for anything. Alhamdulillah :) As much as I missed working life, I really really have to enjoy this moment now or never. I can do what ever I want, or go where ever I want. Some people asked me, ' Hey! Putri buat apa sekarang?' Somehow, I hate that question. 
Cuba la tanya, 'Putri sihat ke?' or 'How far along you are in your pregnancy?'. You know? Lagi-lagi kalau memang dah lost contact, tiba-tiba tanya, 'buat apa sekarang' .duh?
.. I jawab,' Tak buat apa, duduk rumah. Kumpul pahala :)'
Senang kan jawab macam tu. Lagi bagus! And mesti diaorang semua senyum je bila I jawab mcm tu. Haha. 
*Moral of the story: Kalau Jumpa kawan lama, cuba tanya, 'how are you? Lama tak jumpa kan? Last masa kat UiTM dulu.. bla bla bla. dah about 10 mins tu baru la tanya what'd u been up to ke'
haa kan dah kena bebel (so mak-mak, putri!) haha 

Well, anyway .. Last week I spend the whole day with Kak M and her kids! We baked! :) Carrot cheese cake. 

 Raqeeb, my favoriteeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

Carrot cheese cake :)
Raiem :))) and me. Ceh ceh! Sabar putri sabar :)

Pregnancy update:
- I am 30 weeks already!
- I love drinking nescafe so much lately. I was worried at first but most of my friends said it's okay if I'm okay with it. Drink lots of plain water afterwards.
- Alhamdulillah, no more major back pain since the 7month. I hope it stays this way. 
- I am more active now, brisk walking like 3/4 times a week. I even can play badminton still. :)
- Oh no! I forgot the last time I took my prenatal pills! Huish! 
- Baby is growing bigger and bigger. Alhamdulillah.
- I always have this weird dream. 
- Next check up will be 2 weeks from now. We might do the 4D insyaAllah.

 Latest: 29 weeks and 5days.
That's all for now. Ciao

xx, Putri Rex