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Saturday, January 29, 2011

My baby checklist!

It's very fun to make a checklist for your baby, listing everything down on what to have for a new born baby. Me, as a first time mother-to-be even though I came from a big family (I'm the 2nd of 8 siblings) I had experienced taking care of my brothers + sisters since they were day 1 on earth, however the feeling of having your own child is way way different. Here, I'd love to thank my biological parents :) and my Umi for raising me up with love! I appreciate it :) 

p/s: Thanks Farra Rahman for your Baby and Mummy's Checklist entry.

Okay! The checklist are:
Baby's clothes
- Jumpsuits for sleepwear
- Long and Short Sleeves Bodysuits
- Long Pants
- A lot of socks and hand socks.
- Swaddle. I might made that one myself
- Hooded Towels. at least 3 especially or baby boy :) that's what I read from reader review. 
- Blankets
- Barut
- Cloth diaper. I'll try that! :)
- Disposable diapers too. 

Baby's Furnitures 
- Crib/ Play pen. 
I'm thinking of getting a play pen because it's portable and movable. I don't mind invest a little bit on it for a better quality for future too :)
- Change table with a changing pad as well.
- Rocky chair. 
Feeding and rocking my baby to sleep with ease (KIV)
- Cupboard, 
LOL lama tak dengar that word. but yea! i need it to store his cloths and stuffs.
-Bouncer from Fisher Price  (that's on my wish list!hehe) 

Toiletries and Bathing Stuffs
- Baby tub (must have) with a non slippery pad.
- Shampoo/ soap/ baby oil/ lotion/ 'those' nappy cream and etc.
* My friend said, not to buy the big size toiletries because you might  be getting a lot of gifts later on. So just get a travel set for the start. Thanks!

- Stroller (a lightweight preferable) & Car seat are must.
But we'll get those later after the birth.
- Avent Newborn Start Kit
I hope I have a lot of milk for my baby! That does not only save a lot, but my husband doesn't need to wake up and buat susu in the middle of the night. (that's the deal hunn!) hehe.

Mommy's check list 
- Set bersalin 
(all the oil and stuffs) from Nona Roguy? Recommendations? Luckily I've a friend's mom working at kedai jamu :) in PKNS
- Confinement Lady
- I'm getting my maternity pillow soon! Hopefully!!!! :) 
- Twin Breast pump. 
- Nursing Bras

Note to you sweetheart.

Dear baby boy, (we haven't finalize your name yet)
You are 27 weeks and 1 day old today. We went to see the doc yesterday and she said everything (you and i) are good. Your heart beats was fantastic (163 bpm) quite fast because you're too happy inside you know we're scanning you. I'm holding your picture now. It's so very wonderful and what a miracle! 
Your weight is now 1.186kg or 1186 gram. You gained double from last month. (573g) Alhamdulillah. But, Bonda gained 12kg. how come!? hehe. 
Ukur lililt kepala pon dah besar from 4.36cm to 5.44cm. Wow! Hehe (Tamau besar-besar sangat okay sayang. but insyaAllah bonda and you will push it hard!gimme 5!) Doc said, your 'tulang peha' I forgot the english name :) is quite long! Sama mcm your dad :) InsyaAllah kalau ada rezeki lebih we'll do the 4D next check up ok sweetheart. We're so happy to see you yesterday. You were upside down! We hope that you'll be in a perfect health inside the womb  and sorry bonda eats lots of spicy food? Was it too spicy? Tak la kan,!?  Oh and, we're sorry, We don't have a nursing room for you yet! Havent found a perfect home for us. I hope you don't mind, sweetheart. But we promise to cater as much love as we can, and teach you to be respectful and respected. We love you to the bones, you know that!

Bonda and Ayah. (Your dad doesn't mind calling him anything. What comes first from your mouth)

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Hana Ibrahim said...

hey babe, jangan lupa buat wishlist baby awak and also for u too ok!. so nanti people know what to buy for you as a pressie....

p/s: barang mahal-mahal letak di list..i did it and i got all the expensive big bulky thing from frinds and family..hahahaha...i beli pampaers je ok!

and makcik! i miss you!