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Saturday, January 29, 2011

Friday Night

Wow! What a long break for next week. My husband cooked for dinner tonight. Even though, I'd be very happy if he make the dishes too, but because his cooks was damn good, I had to do the dishes :) Dang! 

Then, he had like a 'guys night's out!' (eww.sound so gay,isn't it but that's what he told me) Maybe, that's why he cooks from me :P lol! Ambil hati konon! So, I kinda make a plan with my friends to just hang out and so we went to The Look Out Point, Ampang. 

It was definitely a fun night! :) It's 1am now, Fadhil just got home from that 'guys night out!' I wonder what's his story :) Okay, signing out. Bed time!



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