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Saturday, February 19, 2011

30 weeks down and more or less than 10 weeks to go!

 30 weeks baby bump :)

 (In case you wonder; yes, I purposely un-rotate the pics)

 Hey hey! look who's back :) told you I will update my blog regularly (for now.lol)
How's it going? Just so you know, baby is 30weeks today in my womb! 30 weeks carrying this such a wonderful gift from Him and more or less than 10 weeks we're going to be a parents! We're thrilled and ecstatic about it :) Who doesn't huh? I hope everything will be find as what we planned. Well, I plan to do it naturally. Hopefully everything will turn out good, InsyaAllah. We can do this right, baby boy? Hehe. We have some names for you,sweetheart. It's just we haven't finalized yet! One thing for sure, your ayah wants to start the legacy, by putting his last name 'Ridzuan' to each kids we will have :)

So today, I went to Ikea with my baby sister and we had a sisterly talk! Alia is definitely eager for her 1st ever nephew in my womb! hehe :) We had steamboat for our lunch. Then, had ice cream at Ikea. Then heading back home. We were running from traffic actually! 
Okay, that's for now. I'll keep my blog updated!

Putri Rex

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