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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Oasis. Don't Look back in Anger

Yesterday, we heard this song when we had out lunch at Carl's Jr! I feel so alive while eating my burger. I asked my husband if he can play guitar and sing this song to me tonight before we when to bed. He smiled and say ..'boleh'

After when back from One Utama. Where we had our lunch tadi. My husband wanted to go to skate and I said okay. In my mind was, ..'balik ni mesti penat, mandi lepas tu terus tidur sebab esok nak kerja 8am' so mesti Sayang lupa nak nyanyi lagu ni. Period! 

My husband balik dari skate, terus mandi while I was on bed making writing on my diary (which I pon lupa I ask him to sing that song before masuk tidur) 

   after he finished taking shower. praying and  ...tiba-tiba ..... I tak realized he had guitar next to him. and playyy ...

Tears dropped and I was damn happy and felt so alive. Lol! You might think that I must be over dramatic to this whole thing but I guess, hey! my hormone conquers everything now :) And my baby was too excited too noticing he kicked and made a lot of movement when dada sang that song to us! 

I love you sayang! Well I guess .. don't look back in anger, Putri! 



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fara.rahman said...

aauuuwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww..husband always make us touched rite? hehe.. i agree hormone is conquering us now. *love*