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Thursday, January 13, 2011

Yard sale in my mind!

I'm thinking of organizing a yard sale just near my place. A yard sale where good foods and pretty used stuffs or even brand new items to let go. The best thing is gathering with the people and community. It's time! 

Should plan couples of things before the event:
1. Venue
2. Date 
3. Floor plan/ activity
4. Vendors 
5. Logistics
6. Etc. 

I'm going to my friend's place to discuss further. We hope that this will work out! Even kecil-kecilan ;) 

Those days at Bijou Bazaar Jeumpa D'ramo

Bijou Bazaar at Capsquare.
Bijou Bazaar at Menara Hap Seng

Yes, I'm missing those days. It's so time! Hehe. I need to move around a lot, it's very good for my baby and me! Till then, I'll keep you all updated! 

Loves, Putri Rex


fara.rahman said...

Bijou Bazaar at Menara Hap Seng : Where the first time i met u. hehe..
bestnye u nk buat event ni. mcm nk join pulak rase.

putrirex said...

kan kan kan farra! tapi jumpa mcm tu je. jommmm!!!!! i need to let go loads of things!

Anonymous said...

put3!we nid that!here in s.alam kan u nak buat?i akan join.hehe..i sponsor banner for ur event :)

putrirex said...

who are you anonymous!? i want to know. okay set jom kita meeting and brainstorm!!! hehe

sophie said...

haha anonymous tu adalah saya ~phya..maybe i was too excited sampai lupa nak set my username! jom meetinggg :)