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Sunday, January 9, 2011

Facebook, March 15th 2011

My husband told me that facebook will be ended this March 15th. At first I don't want to believe and I was just 'eleh! ye la tu!' but then I googled and found a lot of articles about the site is shutting down.

You decide. 
Well for me. It's quite disappointing because I've been keeping in touch with all my international and local friends there in Facebook. For sure, there's always  pros and cons to whatever we do in life but shutting down facebook? I don't know how that will be. I never been misused (as far as I concerned) using facebook. I accepted friends that I only known. Eventhough, I sometimes complained that ...'boringnya la facebook' tapi the fact that I still logged in and still active. Humans kan! Hehe. 

So we'll see, if it's true the nightmare March 15th. Kita cakap byk-byk pon Mark Zuckberg dah kaya rabak dah. So he can do what ever he wants! So lepas ni siapa nak bukak sosial network yang baru, a good timing :) 


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