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Wednesday, January 5, 2011

'Perkembangan' minggu ke 23 :)

After 2 months, we purposely postponed our appointment with my doctor. I just wanna keep wondering the baby's gender. But since I'm turning 6 month, there's no excuse to skip meeting my doc for the baby concerns :) As my previous post, I announced that we're expecting baby boy due Mid April :) 

Today, I woke up early (not too early) hehe. With full of determinations, spirits and desire: getting ready to meet my doc whom just got back (not really) from performing Hajj. So far, I did my check ups at Salam Medical Centre, Sec 19 Shah Alam. Haven't tried at other MC yet. InsyaAllah if god willing, I bersalin situ sahaja. I mean I love my doc! We have that 'chemistry' already so why not. 

Okay, I was so determined when I woke up today because I just knew it that I'm gonna know my baby's gender by now. Masa dalam bilik doctor, when I lay down for ultrasound check. Doc letak je 'gel' tu and cari baby, terus ....' haaa! it's a boy!' 

I terus pandang fadhil and smiled :) I giggled! 

Fadhil was the happiest, I must say. 

Baby tengah bersujud while we were checking him out tadi :) The best thing to hear from the doc was tumbesaran baby sangat cantek and he seems to have a long legs. Ikut ayah dia :) Hopefully everything when smoothly. InsyaAllah. Baby is only 579gram and how come bonda gained 10kg already! Oh my!! Haha. 

Doc ada pesan, save some weight for my 3rd trimester. I gain tremendously la on my 2nd tri compared during my 1st trimester. Hehe. Ok sorry, I know! I can't control it! But it's okay. I'm so happy hear that our baby is growing according to what he needs to be :) 

Keluar je bilik doc, I called Abah, Mak and Umi and told them about the news :) Alhamdulillah. Tak henti-henti bersyukur. 
Fadhil hugged me so tightly and say,' Sayang, thank you for the wonderful gift ever' 
 ..... awwwwwh! 

We when to play bowling afterwards (malam) So here is my latest picture of 23 weeks and 4 days. 
Pedro, the king pin

The-proudest-biological parents-to-be
Uncle Dawn 

Love, peace and harmony
Putri Rex

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syapini said...

wah great!!!
i wish i could visit u sooner kak putri..
n i'm expecting to cont my degree at s.alam
tapi ni terpaksa sambung kat dungun pulak..
kalau la dapat sambung kat s.alam, blh melawat kak putri yek=(
anyway, jaga diri n baby baik2 ye=D
da pilih nama tak??