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Friday, December 3, 2010

Yours Truly by Putri Rex

I welcome December with a huge smile , before we're saying good-bye to 2010 I am very happy to announce that I my new online shop (not to say shop) because I don't really set up a blog yet! but I am now active on selling clothes and pretty things on my facebook. 

I named it ; Yours Truly by Putri Rex. Why? I don't know. Lol!  haven't have my logo/ font or anything yet. Just testing power :) And so far, Alhamdulillah doing pretty good on my facebook and some of my friends came to my house to just see it and they actually a pretty good buyer :) hehe. 

So jyeah :) I'll let you see some of my collection. The first collection I posted on my facebook went well but somehow, I now can see my customer's taste and what they like most. I so can't wait for the 2nd Collection. Maybe will be released in 1 or 2 weeks time :) Pray for me!

 Relaxed Flare Blouse
White/ Blue/ Light Peace
MYR 35
Black/ Grey(Sold)/ White(Sold)
MYR 32
 Long Dress Stripe
6 pieces 
4Sold, 2 Available 
MYR 35
 Sweet Lacy Blouse 
Black/ White/ Dark Blue/ Pink
MYR 32
Black/ Dark Blue
MYR 40

 Harem Pants 
Black/ Grey/ Dark Blue
MYR 42
Jumpsuit :)
Black (Sold)/ Dark Blue 
MYR 55
These are all some of my first collection :) Like it lot? Hehe. Feel free to email me at byputrirex@gmail.com. 

Putri Rex is signing off.
Yours Truly.


Putri Ramlan said...

Good luck with the new biz! ;)

putrirex said...

Thank you babe :)

Anonymous said...

akak nak yg long dress stripe tu bleh... tp baju tu tau da xmuat... so nak amik yg tgh tdo kt bwh tu.. post cepat k.. bpe rm tu??? hehehe (aiza yuslinda- kakak aiza yasmin)

putrirex said...

Okay kakak aiza :) can you email me your details at byputrirex@gmail.com?