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Friday, December 10, 2010

Penang, there's no LIMIT!

Today December 1oth we are 5 months as husband and wife and I have never been happier . I'm not asking for anything but only a happy and healthy life ahead with a big family :). Also, baby is 5 months cooking in the oven, today :) We're half way through it! 20 weeks done and 20 more weeks to go. 

So we went to Penang last Monday (we left home at about 3pagi okay! haish!) There were 4 of us. The trip was crazy! We enjoyed the food and the company and the jokes and all la. Let the pictures speak! But I misplaced my camera so I used my old one 7.1px. Sorry :)

Us in the toy museum! 
Muka tak mandi lagi, sampai-sampai terus masuk museum :)

 Mai pekena dulu!
 Uncle ni sporting gila I minta dia smile. 
*ignore la the periuk-periuk!

Asalkan perut tak sakit, hati senang. Lain kali datang makan lagi! :)

 I am big!
On the way to Little India. Jalan kaki :) 
 Dah tak larat naik beca pulak :p

 Mari menari dengan uncle pasembuq!

I have F for Fadhil
She has D for Danial
 Selamat Pagi Pulau Pinang!

 Poloroid time!


 Before my batt dies, :) Loved it!

We definitely had so much fun even though it's only a one night trip :) We took a ferry and last was years years ago when I was small. Oh! Because of my dead batt, I couldn't share something else we did. On our way back, there's a big signboard for Taiping Zoo, the Night Safari. It was spontaneous yet disappointing! Not recommended! 
But overall, AWESOME! The baby was happy too especially in the Toy Museum! Hehe!

Till then, loves!
Putri Rex


Mrs.K said...

yeay! perut dah nampak jugak! we all pegi penag tak penah pon try nasi kandaq beratoq tu. hehe..

mizz sue said...

wahh..best2..dah lame x pi penang

Adlyna Razak said...

omg putri! dah nampak dah baby bump you! and you bought the everlast shoes that I wanted to buy!!! hehehe

putrirex said...

Farra: Yes, and it's looking more obvious now. not only the baby bump but my face as well! :p

miss sue: best :) kalau nak pegi musim cuti sekolah weekdays tak ramai sangat :)

Adlyna :) omg ad!hehe yea,kasut tu i bought lama dah.tapi dah tak muat sebab kaki i dah kembang ..hehe

lea adnan said...

haa...mmg taiping night safari not recommended to anyone..very dissappointing je.baik gi siang.
yours truly from taiping.