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Sunday, November 21, 2010

Shout Award and Pregnancy Updates!

So my friend,yan called and asked if I want to go for a shout award yesterday at Stadium tertutup Bukit Jalil. I think,why not?Well at first, I was worried whether my seat is near the toilet because I pee every one hour. Kalau nasib tak baik, satu jam 3 kali (: Tapi yan got us VIP tickets from Yuna's Mum.

The crowd before it when live on tv8, fly fm & hot fm .   

 Yuna & Nadjwa were amazing on stage!
Yuna's mum & family were very happy and excited for Yuna. She won 3 awards last night (:
Yan ditaja penuh by Chanel (:
 I can't fit any of my pants no more.


 My 17 weeks tummy (:

Pregnancy updates: Baby is four months and one week old (: Until this point, I have no sickness, syukur (:. BUT! I have extreme major lower back pain.
  • I can now feel my baby move like a fish,already (: The first time I felt it, I was amazed (: The feeling is strong especially when I'm lying down.
  • My boobs are biggerrrr! Yeeeheee ! and my thighs are bigger tooo!!! (:
  • So far, no stretch mark yet! (Not that I know) hehe
  • Jari-jari semua dah mengembang! Is that fluid/ water retention? I read online mostly during 3rd trimester happened. But they say not to worry. 
  • I am very very happy, I was always very conscious about my weight before this, but up to this level (: I seriously don't mind because I really enjoy this process! and I love everything about being pregnant. Beautiful, isn't it? a woman receives a magical gift. we experience Creation itself (:
Love, Putri Rex

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Hana Ibrahim said...

yan bukan the model tu ke?
omg! jeles k korg ke sana! next time ajak pls!