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Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Melaka here and there : Week 14

Dear Bambino,
You are 14 weeks old now and hello! it's your 2nd trimester :) Syukur the 1st trimester went very well. We are very impressed.  No morning sickness and no tremendous food craving!Thanks to you sweeties!
So, we're taking you to Melaka this week :) 

First, it was my cousin's wedding. Which your uncle-to-be, sweetheart. 
Kita doakan uncle dapat baby juga okayy :))

Congratulations, Boy and Ida!

With Imaan Izzara :)
Soon-to-be your uncle and auntie :)
Sweetheart! It's you inside my tummy. 14week. Still small but growing :) 

Then, haha. I did the weirdest things ever, I took my baju kurung off dalam kereta and changed to a casual outfit for Bandar Hilir, Melaka. Haish! Dah nak ada baby pon perangai mcm baby :) 

 Macam nak pergi kerja kan! Sorry!
I wear:
Boyfriend shirt: H&M
Maternity Pants: by Target ( I bought it when I was in USA) still beggy though!
and an over size bag.

 After a beautiful evening walk along Bandar Hilir, we had a wonderful dinner at

 Her- Asam Pedas & White Rice *** Recommended!
His- Paprik Chicken & White Rice **
Samosa for appertizer :)

 Much Love, Putri!


Noor Syapini said...

Nice trip=D
and nice intro for the baby..
huhu kak putri..x nampak lg perut..
tp kak putri makin....besar..

putrirex said...

hahahahaha sharp!kak putri makin besar!?? hahahahaaa .. noo!
ha'ah perut tak nampak sangat lagi...

Noor Syapini said...

the previous post nampak mcm da besar..
mommy to be memang selalu nampak mcm tu..
mesti baby comel