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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Rest in Peace.

Listen to: Bruno Mars - Just the way you are. 

 She was one year older than me. She was my senior in high school. I'd have not known her if people don't talk about how similar our face was. However, she was taller, prettier, sweetheart and likable! She was Amirah Anuar.

Yesterday, Oct 26th,2010. It was like a huge piano had crashed outside of my window learning about someone's death through the news. What a way to received a bad news. My brother, Iman called at 9.15am and asked,'Kakak, kakak kenal myrakan? AB cakap myra dah meninggal.' I was quite and shaking. Just last 2 days I stocked her facbook page, mana tahu ada apa2 update about herself. I never knew she was admitted in HKL for nearly a month already. The last time we really connected was when she congratulated me on my pregnancy. That was raya i think!
When I saw your face for the very last time yesterday, I just don't wanna cry. And I never did, alhamdulillah. I stared at you for about 5 minutes, all of your friends were giving their last respect and kissed your forehead. and again I didn't. I smiled and tak henti-henti sedekahkan al-fatihah to you. How lucky knowing such a bubbly/ spontaneous and strong person like you,kakak. 

You came to my house and meet me before I got hitched last July. I thanked god that you came to my wedding with your best-girl-friends. Eventhough, I know that time you're fighting hard against the pain :( Was I selfish? No.

I'm not really really close to her, but there's definitely something about her that will always be remembered. Ingat tak our memory masa sekolah? Orang cakap muka kita sama-lah! Lepas tu dah la sama-sama pengawas 3K. 
I selalu perli dia,'Myra awak ni mandi minyak wangi ke?' She always smelt good like strawberry. I remember because I teman you pegi beli perfeum at body shop, Shah Alam Mall. 
She was obsessed with lip balm, sampai I ingat your nickname for MIRC was @[boRn_liPpY] macam tu la agaknya :) 
She liked Jamoca Almond Fudge by Baskin Robbins. I know because I scooped that every 31% on every 31st at Baskin Robbins.
She loved purple. Alot! Until her dying day, kain yang dibalut underneath kain kapan tu was purple batik :( I sebak but I was okay.

Amirah, you were the strongest lady I've ever known, she know that! Because I always said that to her. I remember when the first time you told me about your story how you were diagnosed to cancer. That time I was in UiTM Melaka, and I heard the news. Weekend tu I terus jumpa dia kat rumah sec 4. Mula-mula Amirah kena cancer tulang. (if I'm not mistaken)
Kaki kanan kena potong and still she can smile and dressed-to-kill. She loves dressing up and put on make up! :) And that was 5 years ago.

She fought up until yesterday. It's hard to let you go but I know you're in a better place. 
She was a strong one. Irreplaceable lady. 
Kakak, you will be missed and remembered. 

My due for my baby will be next year April 29th- May 6th. It's in between your birthday  May 4th. I wish s/he will arrived on the date you were born but let's not hope. But all I know for sure when I deliver this child soon, s/he will remind me of you. Certainly! I love you.
In memory of Amirah Anuar 04.05.1985 - 26.10.2010
Yang kekal itu Allah.

Amirah and her baby sister.


VI7V said...

hi putri,

it's me alia, arwah myra's friend from Segamat. was googling her name when I stumbled upon your blog, i figured i should write a comment and say hi :)

putrirex said...

hey alia,

what a surprise!you know, when I saw your face at arwah's place last tuesday, I macam ingat-ingat lupa. then I teringat oohh! it's you and yuza yang amirah selalu crita masa dia kat uitm segamat :) Im glad you find me here. keep in touch aite!


Anonymous said...

putri..arwah ney ex-gf yuza eh u?sbb i read ur comment ade sebut yuza..

VI7V said...

she talked about you quite a number of times and showed me your pictures too! bila i tengok your pictures on this blog baru i ingat balik hehe.

congrats on your pregnancy!

Putri Ramlan said...

Ya Allah.. No wonder most of my friends updated about late Amirah. Ive kept wondering siapa dia cos can't recall her name or maybe tak kenal langsung.

But when I looked at her picture above, yeah.. I think I know her from somewhere.. :(

Al-Fatihah Amirah Anuar.

Putri Ramlan said...

btw, i forgot to say,

CONGRATS on your pregnancy, twin! :)

be strong and hopefully is going well. and kalau dah mmg dinamakan jodoh, rezeki.. insyaAllah jatuhlah tarikh yg diimpikan tu.

Shazo Basree said...

i think i know her... i don't about this death. what happened to her?
i think i know her and i feel bad for not knowing about this.