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Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Post Wedding Updates: Cakes

Ahoy! Like promise, this is an updates about my wedding cake :) Although it's already 24 days since our wedding day, I still received a feedback about the cake for my cake cutting during my wedding reception. Many said that it was a nice cake and i have to tell you the cake taste  was very very good! Recommended! The price is also not bad!! 

She, Satira Diana the sweet lady who owns Pearl Cake Couture made my wedding more delightful with her cake design and decoration. Well well well speaking of Satira, she is actually my highschool friend's sister, Syafiq! What a small world after all.

I told her that I want my cake to be white color base, 3 tiers & some fresh flowers. There you go! If you interested and for further inquires, you can visit her blog & from that you will see her contact detail. 
Photo credits: Sue Aleen 

Second, again the same person made a birthday cake for me as a birthday gift from herself. How sweet! Thank you babe, the cake was gorgeous and delicious. Guess what, it's lychee cake flavor! Haha. Cute kan.

The fresh and sweet and vintagey look just for my 24th Birthday! Thanks Babe! Keep up the hard work and keep making awesome cakes aite! 

Satira, remember this picture? LOL! Exactly after my reception, July 11th 2010. My husband and I, Zan and Yan were there too! So y'alls, this is Satira Diana the sweetheart! Keep in touch! xoxo

Mrs. Fadwriz


Satira Diana said...

LOL! totally forgot about this pic! check my blog too on your bday cake post :) kisskiss xx

bitsANDpieces said...

hi! ur cake seriously cantik and nampak sedap. should i consider them as well? how much for a 3tier cake?