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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Bukit Tinggi was a blast!

Helo Lovely Ones,
The housewife is back ;) Hehe. Hey! Am I still consider a newlyweds. Still kan? As long as the inai stays in my nails tu considered right? Hehe! So yes, We're home! We had a wonderful family vacation + a little honeymoon trip to Padang & Bukit Tinggi, Indonesia last week. Ok so i picked the best picture to resemble everything :) Hope you enjoy every single pictures! 
I miss you too! Hehe.
 19/July: 7.50am Local time, Padang Indonesia.
The reason I travel frequently, is this.

 And that is why we both clicked, y? because we don't mind street food! 
 Ok this is so yummy! Try, pisang coklat keju or Banana Chocolate with Cheese.
 Why doubt, hehe. Bakso! It's famous here in Msia already. But do try it in its origin country :) 

 20/July: Brother in law & Sister in law spotted! 
 1st: Taman Panorama & Lobang Jepang.
 Aan with his long lost friend, cheers! LOL. 
 Fooooood!! Like I said :) 
 I loved this picture of me with my Abah & Umi. Loves!
 This is mesmerizing & hugeee! This is Istana Besar Pagaruyung or they call it Istano Basa Pagaruyung. I totally amazed!!
 Junk food! For the junksters!!!
Work it! I nak hantar to URTV Magazine! LOL. Kesian kat Msia tak de pokok ye!
Abah mencari ilham :)
The newlyweds♥
 The very last minutes shopping! 
 The horse ride :) We were actually late for our flight! Hee hee.
 Ok ini ole-ole buat semua :) Tante ini bilang suami saya rancak means cantek. Hehe. I know :D Thank you tante.
So, that's the story! I had so very much fun during this whole journey. A new feeling I have to say, I'm a wife?! Pffw! I still can't believe it :) 
Conclusion, I may say please go to Bukit Tinggi, West Sumatra Indonesia. No traffic/ Beautiful place/ Dingin and good food of course! The people are very friendly and what else? You tell me! :)
So, just so you know, we're going to the east side tomorrow. Keropok lekor/ Nasi Dagang & Beaches here we come. We name it as a Backeymoon = Backpacker plus Honeymoon. LOL. No purposely made it up. 
Okay! Hope you enjoy my reading my blog. 


fara.rahman said...

rase mcm i pulak yg pegi sekali ngn u. so fun! especially makan ramai2 tu...

putrirex said...

fara :))) hehehe yes. i think i eat non stop since kawen! help!!! hehehee is it normal or what? !!!