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Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Honeymoon my way!

We decided to pack our luggage and bring along our tent and hit the beach. Boys and girls, this is the second coming of Pulau Kapas! 
So okay, here is the place we stay/ sleep for 4 nights. No 5 stars service but just the tent, you, me and pasir-pasir.
My husband was super happy that I don't mind staying just in the tent for our honeymoon. It's his dream to camp by the beach with me ever since we're together but now that we're married we can sleep anywhere we want!
Seriously, the white sandy beach and the sound of the sea everytime we woke up in the morning was very beyond romantic. 
Honeymoon my way! 

Left- This is Abang Amir, but I call him Abg Mambai. Muka lebih kurang. He works at the resort that we stayed last year, we kept in touch and he helped us alot! Free food, free boat,  the best thing was he takes good care of us!  
Right- That is abg Lan! He is the funniest! Pekat sungguh cakap ganu. We keep in touch and he was so happy knowing that we're married. He brought us to snorkeling, unlimited.  Picture bawah, we were at Mydin Terengganu, how random-kan. but he wanna buy some stuffs for BBQ! 
Thank youu abg Lan & abg amir!

Jeng-jeng-jeng. After 2 nights staying, we were surprised by a friend. We're glad she made it! I pon tak percaya. She took a flight to join us. Woohoo!! Panggilan Pulau come backk! wooot wooott!

Abg lan took her at the airport and we waited her at the Jetty. Loves!
Gimme 5 babe!! U made it!!

Non-edited. I miss Kapas ;(

Happy husband like a kid in a candy store! Loves!
I had a great island gateway sweetheart! 
 The honeymoon crasher. LOL! She had wonderful time as well! 
Our love for backpacking and trying stuffs beyond expectations are one common interest that brought us together as husband and wife.  
 Signing off!


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siap ada honeymoon crasher tuh