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Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Byebye doesn't mean we're not gonna see each other again!

Ahoy! Hi y'all. How's wednesday? Ours? .... Not good! For some, you guys may have the feeling yang satu macam when u're in a departure hall. For me, I seriously hated it very much! except for a family vacations or any vacation-lah but not travelling alone to a place for a long time! 
My brother, Indra or we call him Aan is leaving us again for California, USA. He was in Malaysia for about a month for my wedding and he's back again! Long live brother! See you in 2 weeks time. 
Please, I don't wanna talk about mine now. Byebye!

Abah and Aan 
Aan & Kakak
Sorry Fadhil tak dapat ikut hantar btw. Kerja :D
Byebye ;( Semua org hiba! 

Hehe. On our way back home! Spotted Iman tidur! 

Aan, we hope that you take a good care of yourself and also Mak. Jgn tinggal sembahyang and call us when ever you touch LAX.

You one and only Kakak! 
Mrs. Fadwriz

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