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Friday, July 9, 2010

Okay. Should I say byebye Ms? Hello Mrs? Oh my!

Hi lovely reader (if I have one) hehe. It's 7.30am, Friday and 26hours left before upacara akad nikah. I really really can't sleep yesterday. I slept 2am with an empty mind. Wow. I so so so can't be believe that I'll be someone's wife in... what tomorrow?! It's has been a bumpy journey counting days for my big day! Since we got engaged, January 30th until tomorrow July 10th, I never get boring counting days. It's fun and special :) 

I can't wait to update my blog after my wedding, I promise to give as much info about my wedding vendors okay! A story of my cake for cake cutting. Cerita make up artist. Story of my pelamin :). Cerita siapa florist and hantaran maker. From a bridal shower to hens night as well as my 4th last dinner. Hehe. Byk!They are all special and most of them are my friends that make my wedding so intimate and memorable. It always exciting when your friend 'turun padang' for your wedding sebab you'll feel the love and much loved! Thank you friends and all.
ps: Bukan menunjuk cuma its a token of appreciation yang tiada apa sangat daripada saya 

I received quite alot of SMS and Emails congratulate me and fadhil :) Thank you,thank you  very much. I wanna share with you something about my step father in Dallas Texas. We lost contact for sooo longg. about 10years gitu ada. Dia yang I kenal is a very quiet person but he is very thoughtful though ;) I actually came the idea of making my wedding postcard because I wanted to invite him to my wedding even though I know he'd not be able to come. My wedding postcard is in English, best for him and to the rest of my international friends (ceh!macam byk kan, tapi ada juga la). Even I know it's hard for them to come, the thoughts count! Kan? Gimme 5 sikit?

So jyeah, speaking of my step father just now, I called him Uncle Bob. His name is Robert Lewis :) I email him first to invite him to my wedding day and so he replied: :)

pffw! What a wonderful life I have :) Alhamdulillah. You'll never know what life may have planned for you. I am very thankful to have such a big and wide family. 

My mom cakap she can't believe that I'm getting married (yela Ibu mana percaya, rasa macam baru lahirkan kita semalam kan) but yes, it's just tomorrow the big day! 

(Sambil tengah peluk2 mak hari tu, mak ckp:)
Mak: Putri dulu kecil2 senang jaga. Tak banyak songeh. Tapi kalau main lego tu sungguh-sungguh nak siap kan 

Putri: Ye ke mak? tapi kenapa mak chu ckp putri suka tarik rambut lepas tu menangis susah nak pujuk? Haha!

Mak: Itu mak tak tahu, masa tu mak tumpangkan putri kat rumah mak chu sbb mak pegi Singapore. 

Hehe. I love asking my dad/ mom or my aunties how was I when I was kids.

My dad told me that I memang suka budak kecik. And I admit that sampai skrg! ;) Wow! I pon tak tahu entry kali ni pening sikitkan. But thank you all for stopping by my blog. I really appreciate it.
Okayla. It's about time, i know after this Ive no time to stay online. 
I'm going to Spa & Padicure & Manicure , at Villa May Section 7
Henna afterwards.

Then, esok! :)))) I love you guys! Thank you for reading my blog and InsyaAllah I'll update after kawen sebagai .. (ehem!) Mrs. Fadhil 
Oh myy! I exhale panjanggg!! hehe

Ms Putri Rex


crazie_manic said...

I really enjoy reading all your entry and i can understand how u feel right now...GOOD LUCK dear..will try my best to come to ur wedding darling....

.Anna. said...

selamat pengantin baru putri..! can't wait to see your wedding photos! and the story too! ;D

Razana Adam Lee said...

congratulations putri!