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Saturday, July 17, 2010

Aku terima nikah.

'...aku terima nikah Putri Nazira binti Rex dengan mas kahwinnya **,*** ringgit tunai..' 

Alhamdulillah, dengan sekali lafaz, kami sah sebagai suami dan isteri. It has always been my dream and my wish supaya Abah sendiri yang menikahkan I :) Alhamdulillah, semuanya lancar! 

It's already 7 days, omg! I'm really really sorry. been soo busy after my reception (July 11th,2010). Kena bawa suami (cehhh suami ok) hehe. pergi melawat sanak saudara. 
I know, some of you might wanna know how's it feel to be a wife/ married. Seriously, the feeling is indescribable. It's so wonderful to have someone you love as your husband. Pffww! 
Okay, Ive one story yang seriously an eye opener for myself. ala-ala wake up call gitu!
I renewed my passort since the expiry date is near (Oct 2010), ok so I filled the form. I wrote my name and all. Okay ada this one part yang I paused lama juga la, where I kena tick the folowing status:
Ohh wow!  I dengan senyum lebar :))) hampir hampir nak keluar kan my camera nak snap tapi tak perlu kot! terus ticked on married! ohh wow! .... itu la perasaan yang i boleh share dengan korang. Other than that..., kawen la sendiri! Baru tahu. :)

Dengan itu, i'll update more on my belakang tabir of my wedding soon, i need to go to bed early actually because esok got one more reception on Fadhil's side (majlis bertandang) Please pray everything will go as what they've planned, insyaAllah. 

Thank you very much each and everyone for coming, for the wedding gifts, kerana mengAMINkan doa pada majlis kami and let's us praise Allah :)

ps: ohh nak renew passport because we both plus my family will have a family trip to Bukit Tinggi, Indonesia. Balik kampung!!! :) 

pss: pictures were from my brother's camera. Official one need to wait :)

Putri the newly weds!

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