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Sunday, July 18, 2010


Ahoy! Ohh lama tak ckp ahoy! hehe. I'm now at my in law's house :) Yesterday was sayang's reception or I may say Majlis Bertandang. It was a very simple yet beautiful ceremony I can say :) Thank you new family. Yayy!

Okay, esok we're going to Padang. Indonesia for 4 days. See you guys then! Have a wonderful weekend. Loves!

What's on me?:
Long Dress Chiffon with A little Songket by Arene P. Khairuddin
Tudung:Inner by Ariani & Tudung Ala-ala Siti gitu :) LOL!
Makeup by: Kerol (recommended)

Putri the menantu.


liyana b. said...

So cantik la your dress! ;) Seriously glowy bride you are!

Ja Ja Sechan said...

putri, sorry didn't attend your wedding sbb i seriously confused on the date and place and all and i totally forgotten despite following your journey of becoming a wife! plus i thought we're supposed to wait for sms ke or cards or something!

tau2 jer rhoudha tanya knape tak pergi? i dgn azzim mcm haaa?? and clueless.. *slap forehead

anyway congratulation.. :D