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Friday, June 11, 2010

W-day Updates #1!

I received a text msg from my designer Arene, said:
1) My Solemnization's dress (kurung modern) & veil are ready :)
2) She's doing a final touch for my Reception's dress & veil (long Kebaya to be specific)
3) One of her friend is working on my other drees for Fadhil's Reception.
So all together, end of June will be the next fitting! Happy!
..but I still hvn't found for tudung yet!

As for my wedding card postcard, it'll be release soon :) hehe.

I am thinking not to have henna for my W-day! But? Oh maybe a Mani & Padi then just Inai on my nails just to get the feeling ;) I think after Mani and Padi & Inai on my nails, it'll turn out good like nail polish. I don't know? Hehe.

I am still under consideration on having a cake, for cake cutting .My friend Dalila recommended Satira Diana. I had seen her work and she is superb! :) Maybe yes maybe not! But my mom wants to have a cake cutting ceremony. We'll see how it goes ok.

I still haven't found wedding band for Fadhil yet!! This freaking me out.

Make up, paid RM 100 for deposit.

Pre-wedding shoot. Checked! :)

They are my friends and they are willing to help:)
1) Maid of Honor: Zaneella Zidane  
2) Penyambut tetamu: Farah Ismail, Syahir Stamam, Idayu and Mamat
-greets my friends from school and Uni.
3) Speech: Azyan Agil
4) Hantaran: Azyan Agil
5) Signage: Aan and friends
6) Pelamin: Raja & Ary
7) Photographer: Ejoy Esmail.
8) Slide Show: TBC

What else? I don't know. Everything is on my Pink Wedding Book. This is just a little update :) Thank you for reading my blogs!

I love y'all!


Anonymous said...

good luck with everything...

putrirex said...

;) thank you zara! better counting days now nnt dah habis kahwin boleh tengok2 balik kan :)