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Wednesday, June 9, 2010

31 days before.

Hi there everyone.
Look at the right side bar, tick tock tick tock.. 1 month and a day left! Womg! or Zomg!
Alot of people who they saw me would definitely ask,'Putri, how's preparation and what/how do you feel? Nerveous tak?'  Seriously 'nerve wracking!',  this whole marriage thingy is very very ( how I say this..) personal and deep deep down inside my heart! Which I personally didn't expect to happen and I wish to share with you but no word can explain. Pffw! But, anyways pray hard to Allah to keep myself strong and stay close to loved ones, insyaAllah. I am also glad to have such a wonderful people around me that always understand and always cheer me up!

everyone, my family trees and circle of friends, Hundreds of Thankyous!



nik yana said...

congrats put..hihi..u buat kat mane???ajak i x..hahaha..no lah..kidding..congrats..best nyer..hihi..btw..i suke gilss kot ur blog..huhu

putrirex said...

hi nik :)putri buat at MBSA Banquet hall. InsyaAllah I mesti la invite you if youre inbound :) hehe. thank you and keep reading my blog ..xx

miSz cHa said...

sangat neves lak nk tunggu kak putri jadik wife org..huhu

putrirex said...

hehe :) kenapa sharp pulak yang nerves ni .. hope to see you! xx

Anonymous said...

talking about circle of friends... :)