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Wednesday, June 9, 2010

AyanandMama & Liyana B @ Bijou Bazaar

Hi! I think you are already familiar with my best superwoman, Azyan Agil. Yes, she'll be joining Bijou Bazaar over this weekend! And she wants me to be with her on that day and do my 'thangg!' LOLed. Of course, I'll be there for you sugar! Therefore, i'm inviting you to join us so we can hang out and chillax this weeekend. Oh! Not to forget my sweetheart, Liyana B will be there too.
So lemme put this way, Ayan and Mama feat. Little Munchkins ;)

They will be selling:
Cupcakes - deco you own cupcakes
Cookies - yummilicious!
Macaroons - TBA
Liyana B is seeling out her colourful cotton scarf!!

See you this weekend food lovers!

xo. P3

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