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Hi! I'm Putri Rex from Malaysia. I don't just go through life, but I grow through life.. Alhamdulillah!

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

I'm officially graduated!

Hey lovely people, how are you? How was weekend? Wicked? 
Well. It's my convocation :) It was very happy to see everyones back, well not literally because I was late :D All graduates were in the hall already, and the late comers were placed at different line. LOL. But, you know who were the late comers? LOL. The same people who always late to class. Haha. They are all my mates, we always do assignments together. Maza, Wani, Daus and Myself. LOL. Dari kelas sampai dah graduated PON datang lambat! pffw! Haha.
Here are some pictures, hope you enjoy it! xoxo

Meet my 3 best supporters: 

Ejoy Esmail,

Hometown sweetheart, Fadhil
Long waiting huh? hehe


Hehe. Thank you nyah!


My best friend Azyan came all the way from Cheras and She got me a cake! 

Thank you love.

Putri Rex was there. 2004-2007. Loads of loads of memory!

Happy Waiter?

I somehow loved this picture! Do you?

Cake from my besties, Azyan! :) Thank you thank you and thank you!

Photos credits/ courtesy: Ejoy Esmail. oh!he looks like my brother i tell you! lol. (nampak sgtkan I miss my brother;( )

So, jyeah. I'm officially graduated, bitches! LOL. No, I am very grateful. Syukur, Alhamdulillah. Thank you very much to My Parents/ lecturers/ and friends.
Before I stop, always have these in mind:
don't work too hard/ Don't skip classes/ Do well in your assessment/ But still go have fun while youre studying! There's no semester break/ponteng when you started working. Okay.

Lastly, growing up means one thing, Independence :)
Never give up, and never surrender.
Nazira, Putri Rex.


Ja Ja Sechan said...

permisi permisi that shoes looking good....:D

putrirex said...

hehe :) thanks jaja. it fits me perfectly yg sbb i beli. tgk2 sama kaler dgn baju ni kurung tu :) hehe

nik yana said...

put...i suke gile ur pumps!!!!where'd u get it...nak jugakkk...hihi..
trying to search high n low for new plain pumps..n urs nice lah...

putrirex said...

thank you nik! :D i bought it at the curve.kat kiosk2 kecik. hehe. thank you!