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Saturday, May 29, 2010

Prom to me is classic!

Hey Prom Queens,
How's long weekend!? I'm the lazy queen at home! Doing nothing much except re-organizing my closet. You know when you started working all days, theres a time in the morning when you want to get ready to work and when you keep on changing clothes that suits you the best for the day, then you just throw your clothes and then after work you got too tired to put it nicely. You just put it aside and wait until weekend to organize it back! That's what happened to me. LOL. 

Okay! So as I were reorganizing, tiba-tiba I rasa macam nak keluarkan that one dress and wanna try it on. All this while the dress was there and I have no desire to take it out and put it on me. Dang! It brings back tons and tons of memory! Wooottt woott!
It's my High School Prom Dress y'all!!!!!!! ZOmg! 

I don't wanna talk about the history of that night or whatnots. It's about the dress and me.what 7 years already!?? My mom was very excited about her daughter's prom night! She took me to but the fabric and we send it to my mom personal tailor. 

 Okay what I did just now was trying it on me :) And guess what? ...
It doesn't fit me :) 

LOL! Well at least tak la teruk punya tak fit. Biasalah! Tang dada, tak boleh nak zip, tang perut semua steady. tang pungkok tu pon problem la tapi tak pe la :) Haha. 

So, I challenge myself,
If I could put my prom dress back ,just right and boleh zip sampai habis (kira kalau I dapat my old body 7 years back-lah! which we'll see later the result) I will buy everyone yang comment my entry ni a dinner, how a bout that? Hehe. 
Well well well, this is actually a motivation for me to control eating and only eat healthy food not just because I'm getting married but for myself. Okay gimme 1 month (and I'll update you on July 1st, deal?) Hehe.
I'm currently,
as far as I remember, 7 years ago I was:
158(not much different kan?)
Hah!? So I have only 1 month to get that body I used to had 7 years back? 
Hey! Nothing is impossible! :)
Okay so tell me about your prom dress? Do you still keep it? Can you still wear it? What was the color?  

 in memory of my high school prom dress, 2003 

Your high school sweetheart,
Putri Nazira binti Rex


.: atirah :. said...

i still remember that green dress! :D

e.x.a said...

i wish i can have the 49kg body..

because that is the ideal weight for me..

pls gimme that 6 kilos~~~

fara.rahman said...

only differ by 5kilos. kire okay lah lagi tu putri. me last 2 years was only 43, 5'6" and now...51??!! huhu...really sad! Anyway, good luck with ur mission darl! :) nak tak nak mmg kene turun kan jugak berat for ur bigday kan? cuz the memoties last forever.. :)

haziQah said...

kak put..u kurus ok..mcm x elok kurus2 sgt kot heheh

i still keep my prom dress, sy sgt syg kn nye wlupon ia bkn dlm simpanan sy..memory tu..kje pas spm smata2 cri duit utk bli prom dress hehe

Anna Aziz said...

cik mai!! prom dress kita samaaa ok! sebijik! lol. but mine in light pink color. hahahaha sep skittt!