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Thursday, May 27, 2010

Picture Frame Pendant

Hi lovers. How are you? Thrusday already!? Wow! Slow it down time.., I really want to enjoy my single life as much as possible. pffw! Well well well. I want to share with you all something that I bought long time ago, but I didn't used it because I want to wait for the right time ;)
I bought this Vintage Picture Frame Pendant years ago & I seriously can't remember where I bought it, i loved it but however, I sometimes missed place it! Hehe. So today, the idea comes naturally, the time has come, i guess? Hehe.
This is the Vintage Picture Frame Pendant ;) You like it!?

Remember my bride-to-be badge? I place it on my wedding diary and I carry my pink wedding diary everywhere I go!

This picture here was taken last Ramadhan at Bubba Gump ;)

I love you nevertheless, Sayang! I hope this pandent will last forever so that our grand grand kids can see and keep it too;)

Trusly yours,
Putri N. Rex


Hana Ibrahim said...

waaaahhhhhh schweeetttnyaaaa

putrirex said...

;) thank you kak haha! ;)